the Research Registry

Pepper Registry Overview

Mobility and balance problems can be a major problem in old age. The National Institutes of Health and the University of Pittsburgh have developed an important research center designed to investigate mobility and balance in old age. The Claude D. Pepper Center builds on the expertise of physicians, nurses, therapists, radiologists, engineers, pharmacists, psychologists, epidemiologists, and others to understand and treat mobility problems.

A key element in this investigation is the Pepper Center Research Registry. The Registry is a list of people willing to consider participating in future research studies. Registry participants provide basic health information (a 10-15 minute interview). Investigators use this information to determine if you are eligible to participate in research. If you join the Registry, you are not required to participate in research. Registry participants will receive updates on the latest advances in Pepper Center research.

Accessing and Using the Registry for Your Study:


We have created an easy online tool which you may use to search the Registry. The search tool is password protected. To obtain a login, please fill out the Password Application Form. Your form will be reviewed, and you will be sent your login via email.


Once your Password Application Form is approved, you will receive an email with a login for the Registry search page. Once you are logged in, search the registry using your study specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. The more criteria you select, the more narrow your pool of subjects is likely to be.

  • Please review this example screenshot of the Registry
  • If you have obtained the User Name and Password, please click here to log in

Once you have finished searching and have submitted your search criteria, in order to receive approval, you are required to:

  1. submit a Registry Application Form and
  2. meet with a Registry staff member to go over your recruitment plan

Once you complete these 2 steps, approval will be sent to you by email, and you will then be able to access your Registry dataset by login.


Please note:

  • use of your custom Registry dataset requires current IRB approval and advance submission of recruitment materials to the Pepper Center Clinical Core, as well as completion online of a quarterly follow-up report
  • your dataset updates in real-time, and always contains all currently active Registry participants meeting your criteria